Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Living Life in Kentucky

We arrived in Kentucky the afternoon before my birthday.  Five days of driving.  Stopping only to sleep and then drive on.  We  have decided next time things will be a little different.

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My anxiety level was not nearly as severe as it was last year and so Precious Husband allowed me to try my hand at driving The Beast.  Originally we named our 40 foot motorhome The Great Adventure Bus at the suggestion of our grandson Trent.  Then reality struck and the bus became The Beast.  I mean really - she is BIG, intimidating, and at times has a mind of her own over powering our plans and causing detours and delays.  The Beast fits.

Learning to drive the bus has helped make friends.  I understand a little better how she works and what I can expect.  I am hoping now we can go back to calling her The Great Adventure Bus.  Don't you agree it has such a better sound to it?

My birthday was shared with my 10 year old granddaughter, Ava Dorothy on Saturday.  We both love potato soup so Michelle made a big pot of it - oh, was it ever good.  Ava enjoyed the cake and ice-cream as much as I did.  

I am still enjoying the flowers from Dallas, Michelle and the grandkids.  So cheerful!

I spotted this little guy today.  He is a little hard to see here but he is quite cute and I will enjoy watching him scamper up the tree every day.

Hopefully tomorrow Precious Husband will put up my bird feeder and my hummingbird feeder.

So thankful to God for his watch and care over us as we travelled the 1800 miles to get here.

Love and Hugs,

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