Thursday, September 10, 2015

Seen On Today's Walk!

I have enjoyed my walks here in Georgetown, Kentucky.  Today I shared with a neighbor in the RV park about walking in the area.  You can imagine my surprise when she asked if I had seen the camel farm up the road.

It rained this morning, yes more rain but after lunch I decided to hit the road in search of the camel farm cause it is not every day you can see a camel farm, right?

I took my usual route and searched the horizon as I walked to make sure I hadn't missed the camels on my prior walks.  No camels.  So I walked and I walked and I walked.

I found them!  I think I walked about an hour, when sure enough I came upon the camels.  First I saw two and then on the other side of the barn I saw about 6 more.  The first two came right up to the fence and said "hello."

If you walk far enough you will find the camel farm!  What have you seen on your walks lately?  Can you beat seeing camels? 

Love and Hugs,

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