Thursday, May 14, 2015

The Baby Quilt

Some more family history for my kids.  I have had this baby quilt hung on my wall for many years.  It was actually my quilt and my mother told me years ago that my father's grandmother made it for me.  That would have been my great-grandmother.  It is various colors of blue.  Was she hoping for a boy?  Did they designate blue for boys and pink for girls back in the day?  Don't know the answers but it was my baby quilt.  

In this picture you can see the damage in the corner of the quilt.  It is torn because my little sister used it to wrap her cat, Bonnie in.  No respect at all, right?

I guess I am just glad it made the journey through the years with me.  It is a simple quilt and yet must have taken lots of time and patience to produce. 

Now I have to find a new home for it as we continue to lessen our possessions.  

Love and Hugs,

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