Friday, April 17, 2015

Life In East Mesa (Again)

Huge sunflowers spotted last night in a neighbor's yard - beautiful!

Precious Husband and I have been living our new lifestyle for over 2 months now.  Wow, 2 months?  We have been busy moving things from our house in Maricopa where we lived for over 8 years to our new home on four wheels.  We love being back in the east valley.  

I have given up the "fru-fru" life I once enjoyed for being more sensible.  It is a hard change I must admit :-(  There is only so much room for vintage doilies and rosebud china.  The decision of what to take and what to pitch has been hard I will tell you!

42 years ago this summer I moved to Arizona from California to live in East Mesa.  East Mesa - home to SNOWBIRDS!  How I remember back then seeing the influx of winder visitors at the grocery store and post office each year from October till about April.  Full time East Mesa residents would "sigh" at this influx.

Guess what? Now I am a SNOWBIRD!  We are living in an RV park in East Mesa.  I have returned to my Arizona roots as has my Precious Husband who has lived in Mesa since he was a teenager.  We love being back in an area where there are lots of stores and places to eat.  My shopping in Maricopa was pretty much to Walmart only unless we drove 25 miles to Chandler.  Now it is easy to go have our favorite Mexican food at Rositas.  Whoooo!

We will leave in May for Kentucky where it is cooler but more importantly where our daughter, son-in-love, and 4 grandkids live.  Our trip will also include seeing our oldest grandson, Tristan graduate from high school and pack his bags to attend Eastern Kentucky University, with a full scholarship I may add.  

I love our little RV park.  So much variety in the residences here and lots to see and enjoy as I walk around the park.  There are lots of park models here but also quite an array of recreational vehicles.  It is amazing to see all the personality shown in peoples rigs and their patios.  All the people are so friendly and out going which adds to enjoyment here so much.

Henrietta and Henrietta came with us along with Wilbur, our pig and Timmy Tim, our turtle.  Feels like home on our new patio.  Oh, yes Mr. Frog came too.  They will all ride snuggly together in a bay under the motorhome when we travel.  

Love and Hugs,

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