Sunday, February 8, 2015

Moving On!

Precious Husband in front of "Addie"

After a month of drama, excitement, a little fear (yes, I admit to that) and a whole lot of emotional roller coaster riding I can give you our news.

We are becoming RVers.  Our new home is going to be on 6 wheels.  I have named her "Addie" because when we shared our plans to buy a motor home with our 11 year old grandson, Trent, he said, "Oh, Mèmére's Great Adventure Bus!"  So Addie she is.  Hope you can see how I came up with that name because in all honesty Precious Husband doesn't get it.

We began thinking about this months ago and then Mom moved in with us and our dream was shelved for 5 months.  At times we thought it a foolish dream too and would not think any more about it.  But hey we decided, we aren't getting any younger and if we are going to live this dream we better get moving.

We will keep our home until we have tested the waters to see if we really can live full time in Addie.  We plan to move to Mesa this week and live in a lovely RV park till May.   In May we will take Addie on her maiden voyage to Kentucky and see our oldest grandson, Tristan graduate from high school.

So you can stop wondering what in the world is going on.  We are moving on to the next chapter of our lives and we are so excited and yes, a little scarred.  Sometimes fear can be a healthy thing, right?

Love and Hugs,

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