Thursday, June 28, 2012

Thursday - Teacups and Mugs

With today's post I am starting a new theme for Thursdays.  

I have so many teacups and mugs.  Such a fun thing to collect over many years.  They all speak to me and of course each speaks something different.  They speak of beauty.  They speak of wisdom.  They speak of encouragement.  They speak of humor.  They speak of love.  They speak of truth.

Today's mug was found in a thrift store while on vacation this month.  I think I found it on my birthday actually, a day I became older according to the date on the calendar.  

This mug truly speaks truth.

I am getting older and most certainly fall into the Titus 2 older woman category.  It has happened.  I am worthy of a senior discount at the business' I frequent.  I color my hair to cover the gray not just to try a new shade of color.  I am a Mémère.   I am by all intent and purpose "old".

We will all get older, it's just a fact of life. You can't stop it, you can't turn back the clock that so many wish they could.  It will happen, you will get older.

But ugly - now that is something we do have control over.  We can choose to put on a happy face.  We can choose to fill our heart with good things.  We can choose to speak encouragement to those around us.  We have the ability to be beautiful in word and deed. 

I don't mind getting older but I do not want to be old and UGLY.  I want instead to show the love of Jesus more and more and let His beauty be seen in this (wrinkled) face.

"Fill my mug Lord with your love and your purpose for me.  I am getting older but I don't want to be ugly!  Amen."

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