Wednesday, September 7, 2011

What is it Wednesday

With Precious Husband retired now we often hit the thrift stores in search mainly of books.  We are both pack rats for sure and we really do need to get a little control over this but anyway . . .

Because we are pack rats we often look around the house, shake our heads and wonder what in the world the poor kids will do with all this stuff.

With this in mind I am once again going to try to give my kids some info on our belongings so that they will know what they want to do with our junk treasures someday.  To toss or to keep that will be up to them.

Today's what is it is an aluminum serving tray created by the Forman Family.  This tray was a wedding present given to my parents over 63 years ago.  

The past memory tied to this serving tray is of my mothering carrying a meal in to my father who was bed ridden with a flue bug or something.  She would make him what they called back then, "milk toast".  This was just bread toasted and torn into pieces and covered with warm milk.  Yuck, but my father liked it when he was not feeling well.

My father seemed to get "the flue" regularly each year otherwise he was always healthy.  Owning a dairy and having no hired help for many years I believe his flue bug was a forced vacation for him.

Because he was healthy otherwise this tray was not used much and remained on a shelf in the linen closet most of the time.

Now, the tray is mine and has a prominent place in my kitchen.  It is used quite often to serve Precious Husband coffee and goodies and even more fun is using it to serve hot chocolate in the yellow teapot to have "coffee with Mémère".

I hope someone will want to take Mémère's tray and continue serving their family with lots of love like my mom did and I do.  

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