Monday, December 13, 2010

Challenge For Sure

Who would think taking one little picture would be so difficult!?  

"Be still, don't move, look this way EVERYBODY.  For goodness sakes, SMILE!"

My four little TLC's just about wore me out yesterday trying to get this picture with the santa hats on.  Finally got one with 3 out of 4 were looking at me.  It is pretty pathetic when you have to resort to dramatic begging.  Yes, I begged and added dramatic pleadings.  

On a cute and much more positive note I must tell you about Thomas, TLC #4.  The minute I put his hat on he responds in a deep voice, "HO HO HO!"  Just too cute.  

Grandkids, you gotta love them and so definitely worth the challenge : )

Ho Ho Ho!

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