Friday, October 22, 2010

Happy Birthday Blessings Today

The boy with the smile!

Happy happy birthday blessings being sent today to our very special son, Anthony.   I think Anthony was about 4 years old in the picture above, it was taken about a year after he became a part of our family.  Today he turns 34!!

Everywhere he goes people say the same thing, "Wow, what a smile!"  We could all take lessons from Anthony because he has some special challenges and yet he for the most part is truly always smiling. 

Today I will take a birthday cake over for him to share with his friends then bring him home for the weekend.  I see lots of games of Rummy Q this weekend along with Wii bowling.  Even though Anthony is wheelchair bound he usually whips all of us at bowling ; )

Happy birthday Son - we love you!

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