Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Yellow Bowls -- Yes Again : )

 Sonora, California (vacation pictures)

Monica over at The Homespun Heart has one of my must read blogs each day.  Her love for the Lord and the amazing job she does as a wife and mother is just amazing.  Yesterday she referred to a post about yellow bowls.  Whoppee!  Go check her post about cinnamon rolls made in her yellow bowl.  So fun to find someone of like mind concerning yellow bowls!

This Sunday our church is having a family potluck and my yellow bowl will be attending full of potato salad or Famous Dave's coleslaw I am not sure which yet.  Along with the yellow bowl I am taking homemade vanilla ice-cream.  The recipe for this awesome ice-cream was given to me by my cousin, Cathy Rose who shared it at our recent family reunion in California.  This ice-cream was the hit of the reunion for sure!


Heather's Blog-o-rama said...

The Homespun Heart is one of my favorite blogs...and it...along with Prairie Flower Farm were some of the first that I started reading/following...both godly Christian ladies who love their families...and do things to make them feel extra special :) :)
So funny you mentioned the yellow bowls. I just read The Homespun Heart's post about that :) :) I don't have yellow bowls. I do like anything that reminds me of the 1930s or now I"ll have to search one out!! I do have my grandmother's wedding china...which is now everyday dishes in ourh ome :) :) :) Meals are so much nicer served on fancy china :) :) Plus, it reminds me of my grandmother...another godly Christian lady who loved her family :) :) Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

Adoption Mama said...

Dorothy, My son is doing well. God is working in his life. My husband and other son are going tomorrow to visit is a surprise. Thanks for your continued prayers for "Hoss".