Thursday, May 13, 2010

Hot Chocolate

We had all four of our AZ grandkids with us for the weekend and we enjoyed every minute of it of course.  Spaghetti for supper Friday night and hot dogs Saturday night.  Kid menus for sure.  Of course you know the cookie jar was full with fresh chocolate chip cookies which made Pépère happy too.

When we have the grandkids I always make a big deal out of having coffee with Mémère in the mornings.  If it is one child alone I usually bring a tray up and we have coffee (which for them is actually hot chocolate) and goodies in bed but with 4 at once we went down to the kitchen table instead : )

This weekend I decided to start using my bright yellow teapot for their coffee.  I hope it will start a tradition - Mémère's coffee in the yellow teapot.  It was fun!

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