Thursday, March 11, 2010

Tomatoes, Tomatoes, Tomatoes

My one reader (hi Frani) asked about my cookin' day yesterday so thought I would reply via my blog.  By the way, I love writing this blog even if no one reads it.  Fun to put pictures and thoughts together and down on paper.

So about yesterday.  Here is what we accomplished with our time and effort.

With nearly 7 lbs. of ground beef we came up with:
1 meatloaf
2 packages of stuffed pepper filling
2 packages of meat sauce for Grandma's Goulash
1 big bag of chili

With beef done we proceeded to chicken.
Danielle now has in her freezer:
2 pans of chicken enchiladas
1 big bag of chicken and noodle soup
1 big bag of chicken and rice soup

First thing I did when I arrived was to start the crock-pot with scalloped potatoes and ham.  By the time I finished cooking we had just enough time to put a loaf of beer bread in the oven and with the addition of a vegetable Danielle had supper ready when Robert arrived home at 6 PM.

Think we accomplished a lot.  Not all that I had planned of course so next week I will return to make:
Quick Mix (homemade Bisquick)
Brownie Mix
chocolate chip cookies to freeze

Today's title is in reference to the fact that I had purchased big cans of tomato sauce and diced tomatoes at Sam's Club for our cooking venture thinking we would use a lot and that big cans are so much cheaper.  Well, we had lots left so guess who is cooking at her house today?  Yep, I am ready to tie on my apron and put freezer meals in my freezer too.  Today's cooking will be much quieter though with just Precious Husband making noise in the backround.

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